Time for
in Gosport..

Our local council is being run from Portsmouth. Whole areas of the town are sold off to developers. The voices of Gosport’s residents are ignored or not heard. Families are struggling. Hidden homelessness and rough sleeping have increased.

It’s time to put things right.

1. Use the Waterfront development to transform the High Street into a place where residents can shop, work and play, with improved transport links, an indoor market and the Falklands Gardens protected.

2. Improve council services by bringing more of them back in-house, for example housing repairs, waste management, street-cleaning and tree maintenance.

3. Campaign against Southern Water to stop the flows of sewage into the Solent and the flooding of homes in Gosport

4. Increase the supply of housing that local people can afford by giving the council a bigger role in housing provision and forcing developers to meet their obligations on social housing

5. Introduce a register and system of licencing for private landlords with regulation to force them to provide homes fit to live in

6. Create a cleaner, greener Gosport by working with local communities, rewilding projects, improving parks and play areas, and campaigning to recycle and reduce plastics. Organise a Citizens Assembly on Climate Change to agree how we achieve net-zero carbon by 2030.

7. Develop a new ‘Go Local’ campaign to increase local employment, direct council spending towards local businesses where possible

8. Campaign to improve air quality by creating a third lane on the A32 where possible between Gosport and Fareham and reducing short car journeys by providing safer cycling and walking routes to schools

9. Work with young people to create a local Youth Charter, focused on all aspects of their physical and mental well-being, and with special attention to young people with any kind of disability.

10. Campaign for better medical services in Gosport by extending the opening hours of the War Memorial hospital or by the creation of a new facility at HMS Daedalus.


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