Welcome To Gosport Labour Party

Thanks for visiting. This is the official website of the Labour Party group active across Gosport, Lee On Solent, Stubbington and Hill Head.

Here you can find all kinds of information about the party’s activities in Gosport, our aims and ambitions, as well as ways that supporters can get involved. We are always active campaigning, and regularly meet up to discuss positive changes that should be made for the community. It’s not glamorous, but we also regularly organise clean-ups in many of Gosport’s beautiful open spaces, like Stokes Bay and the Ramparts, as we believe these places are the cornerstone of community in Gosport – a place for families and friends to enjoy together.

Our group is made up of local members of the community, just like you. We work hard to fight for social justice, sustainable development and improved democracy in the local area. Currently we have over 400 members and many more supporters throughout the Gosport area, but we still need the support of residents and the local community.

If you would like to join as a member, donate to our efforts or simply find out more, use the links on the website to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


Increased use of Food Banks in Fareham & Gosport

We asked the Fareham and Gosport Basics Banks for their latest figures. The statistics for the year to the end of November 2017 do not make good reading. Referrals are up by some 12% over the year to November 2016 and stand at 2277 in Fareham and Gosport; this represents over 4500 mouth fed. Much […]


New Year’s Day GAFIRS swim 2018

Every year thousands of brave swimmers take an icy plunge into the chilly waters of The Solent on New Year’s Day for charity.The GAFIRS Lifeboat New Year’s Day Swim is the biggest charity event of the year at Stokes Bay and sees thousands of supporters come to watch brave locals take a refreshing dip. Amongst […]


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Find out if your school will be cut: schoolcuts.org.uk

Over 100 schools will lose £1 million or more in funding. Every parent and teacher should see these numbers. Watch and share now. Find your school at schoolcuts.org.uk

Posted by NUT Campaigns on Saturday, 27 May 2017

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