“Sticking up for Gosport” A Message from the Labour Group

Gosport Council Budget Week

On Tuesday 5th February at the Economic and Development Board Labour’s Cllr. June Cully spoke in favour of the Council seeking accreditation as a disability considerate employer and the improvements to the toilet provision in the civic wing of the townhall, stating that this would not only benefit employees and members but
the public who use the building as well.

Due to the constraints on the Councils finances with the cut in grant support from the Tory government, Labour Councillors June Cully and Keith Farr have proposed that the Council look at providing a Changing Places in the Town Hall to be sponsored by all Councillors.

On Wednesday 6th February Gosport Borough Council approved a budget that secures the financial stability of this Council to provide the services to meet the needs of Gosport residents and be prepared for future demands that this Tory government continues to put on to Local Government.

June and Keith spoke up for Gosport, calling for pressure to be put on the government after another cut of £400,000 this year to Gosport has forced an increase in Council Tax. We want to see more police on our streets and for developers to take into account the need for more medical provision as the population grows.

County Councillors must now make sure our schools and children’s centres, social and health care, highways, school crossing patrols and emergency services are all provided for in their budget.

June pointed out that The Local Government Association has already said we need a review NOW for council funding, not in 2020-2021. The budget we supported includes essential money for the vital flood defence work at Stoke Lake, Forton Lake and Seafield, plus funding for our volunteers including Citizens Advice Bureau and Gosport Voluntary Action – absolutely vital with the roll out of Universal Credit and so many facing real difficulties.

The Labour group also supported Harbour and Waterfront development for the bus station, recycling initiatives, the future maintenance of our heritage sites which bring so many visitors to Gosport, summer passport scheme for young people, job creation and employment.