School cuts are making it impossible to balance the books!

As a school governor, I’m responsible for the financial oversight of my school’s budget.

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Here's what's happening in Westminster right now:the scale of the funding crisis is so large that school governors have traveled from across the country to tell the Government to adequately, urgently fund our schools. Share this video to support them.

Posted by School Cuts on Thursday, 28 February 2019

But school cuts are making it impossible to balance the books. After years of underfunding, we’re forced to make difficult decisions and worry about the impact on children’s education if this goes on.

That’s why right now school governors from across the country are on their way to Westminster to tell the Government to adequately fund our schools.

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This is the first time the National Governance Association of school governors is taking action like this.

But the scale of the crisis is so big, they’ve been left with no choice.
4 in 5 governors say they can’t make further budgets cuts without compromising education.1

30% have already reduced teaching staff, with more set to do so over the next two years.2

This is far from the standard of education our children deserve.

First it was parents that lobbied their MPs. Then 1,000 headteachers travelled to Westminster to make their case. Now it’s governors speaking out.

It’s about time that the Government listened to the people that run our country’s schools.

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Thank you,

Laura Johnson

School Governor in Southwark, London