Hampshire County Council are looking to put another £40million worth of cuts!

Hampshire County Council (HCC) have an open consultation for Hampshire resident on their budget plans for 2021/22 and 22/23. These involve making cuts of £40million each year. This comes on top of many years of cuts. The cumulative effects of these cuts is that by 2023 HCC will be spending £640 million less on services EVERY YEAR!

You can complete a questionnaire online giving your views. You must do this by 18th July.


By law councils must balance their budgets. That’s now impossible to do without making cuts to services because Central Government (the Tories) have been cutting the money they give to our local authorities.

In short HCC are putting forward a plan to balance the books. They want to:

• Lobby the government so they can make charges for things they are not legally allowed to at the moment like charging people to use the tip or OAP bus passes and means testing school transport for disabled children.

• Increase existing charges and introduce new “premium” charges for things like dial-a-ride or applying for disabled badges.

• Increase council tax – but still cut services.

• Cut services which will affect the old, disabled and young people the most.

• Cut school crossing patrols and close some HWRC (Tips) increasing the risk of fly-tipping.

They say they can’t use their capital reserves to help balance the books because what’s available isn’t enough and could only support the council for 14 days.

As your new Labour Hampshire County Councillor team we will do what we can to raise concerns about these plans, but there are only three of us so you need to add your voices to ours to become a roar against unfairness and austerity.

In the online consultation form you will be asked about making choices, pitting one cut against another. We would ask you to complain about that when you get to the last question asking for your views and to suggest that they should be pushing government to restore their funding not cutting essential services.

On the consultation page there is a document you can download and read that outlines the planned cuts. As you would expect there are plenty of fine words and not much detail, so we have summarised what we think the main proposals are saying.

Click here to get the list of cuts: from cutting all school patrol crossings to cutting grants for mental health, social care and shutting Tips.


Fill out the consultation form online now at:


A communication from your Hampshire County Council Labour Team