About Gosport Labour

Gosport Labour Party is a Constituency Labour Party (CLP) operating within the Parliamentary constituency of Gosport, which includes Gosport itself, Lee-on-the-Solent, Stubbington, and Hill Head. Gosport Labour Party comprises of two branches covering the North and South of the constituency.

Local parties are an essential way for members to engage with and influence national Labour policy, as well as providing an opportunity for the party to establish a strong presence within communities. This is essential to demonstrating that politics isn’t faceless or remote, but affects all of our lives in important ways.

Gosport Labour Party recognises the tremendous work the national party has undertaken in opening up the policymaking process through projects such as www.yourbritain.org.uk – a website that allows members to interactively engage with the policy development process.

We believe that local parties must follow suit.

Gosport Labour Party is committed to pioneering new ways to grow the size of local membership. This is not an exercise that should be undertaken just for its own sake, but a way of recasting the party entirely to ensure that it captures local interest and represents people within the community. The more members who are actively engaged with the local party, the more representative and democratic it will be.

How the Labour Party works

The Labour Party is a  democratic, socialist party, and we welcome people to join from all walks of life. We believe that cooperation, decency and community values are key to building a bright and prosperous future for this country and that everyone should have a say and influence policy.

The Labour Party’s main aims have always been to improve the quality of life for all of the people in the UK, pushing for social justice and protecting the rights for regular working people – not just those with the most money. This also extends to protecting and supporting the most vulnerable members of society.

We can only achieve these goals and close the gap between the rich and poor with a fair economic policy that benefits all. By joining the Labour Party you can help shape the future of the policies that will ensure a fair, rewarding and inclusive future for everyone.

What Labour stands for

Labour has only been in government for four short periods of the 20th century. However its achievements have revolutionised the lives of the British people. The values Labour stands for today are those which have guided it throughout its existence.

  • Social Justice
  • Strong Community and Strong Values
  • Reward for Hard Work
  • Decency
  • Rights Matched by Responsibilities

The Constituency Labour Party (CLP)

The Labour Party is divided up into different constituency parties across the UK. There are hundreds of CLPs in Britain, each based on an electoral area for the election of one MP. Gosport CLP is quite small with around 450 members. It also includes members in Hill Head and Stubbington – though these are counted as part of Fareham for local council elections.

As part of a CLP, you can choose the members from your area to stand for elections to the local and county councils, who will represent you at Labour’s annual conference and you can help select your parliamentary candidate for the general election.

Each CLP has an Executive Committee (EC) where many of the local decisions are taken, including those on campaigning and finance. The EC consists of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer plus other elected officers and members from each branch. There are about 20 members in total on Gosport’s EC and they meet at least every two months to discuss the important issues that face the Gosport community.

What We Do in Gosport

The Gosport Labour Team is committed at all levels to improving the area of Gosport and the wellbeing of all it’s residents, both now and in the future. In order to ensure that Gosport and its residents are well looked after, we work with Labour Party leaders in Parliament to help shape policy which will affect the town, and also campaign at a local level to directly help the community. Just some of our activities are listed below

  • Actively campaign on local and national issues that affect Gosport Residents
  • Campaign in local and national elections on behlaf of nominated Labour candidates
  • Support our local members and keep them informed of important news and activities
  • Support local causes such as Charitable Organisations, Food Banks and community groups
  • Organise activities for local youth groups such as the ‘My Gosport’ photographic competition
  • Undertake community activities such as local clean ups and fundraising drives
  • Challenge profit-driven policies in the local area that unfairly exploit working people
  • Provide balance and opposition to the predominantly Conservative council

If you would like to learn more or contribute to the efforts listed above, please get in touch!

Gosport Wards and Branches

The Gosport Area is divided into 17 different Wards. During local elections, each Ward elects two councillors to serve within Gosport Borough Council. For this reason, local elections area a very important time for the Gosport Labour Party as it will decide which political party has the majority of representatives in the local Council. Needless to say, the more Labour Councillors that are on the council, the stronger our position introduce better services and stop threats to the local community.

In the community, the activities of the Gosport Labour Party generally take place at Branch level. Gosport is divided into two Branches; North and South.

North Branch Wards

  • Bridgemary North
  • Bridgemary South
  • Peel Common
  • Rowner & Holbrook
  • Grange
  • Elson
  • Hardway
  • Lee East
  • Lee West

South Branch Wards

  • Town
  • Christchurch
  • Anglesey
  • Alverstoke
  • Leesland
  • Forton
  • Brockhurst
  • Privett

All-Member Meetings 

The  Gosport Labour Party organises a number of All-Member meetings each year, in venues like Thorngate Halls and the Christchurch centre. These usually have a particular focus for discussion, sometimes with a guest speaker, often featuring a report from the leader of Labour Councillors – currently Councillor June Cully. It’s one way new members can meet others and get involved.

Where You Fit In

The Labour Party encourages people from all walks of life to become involved, share their experiences and suggest new ways to achieve our aim of creating a better future for the UK. New ideas are vital if the party is to grow and develop, and becoming a member of the Party.

To learn more about how Labour creates policy, take a look at the website Your Britain – Labour’s new online home for ideas – where members can have a say on policy and contribute to our next general election manifesto.

Most importantly, we are always looking for member engagement here in the local area. If you have any skills or time to offer, or you know of particular issues in the community you would like to see changed, please get in touch with us. We regularly carry out community actions to improve the local area and pass concerns to Labour Councillors who can attempt to resolve these issues on behalf of residents.