Author: Edmond O'Connor

83% of schools still lose out next year because of Government cuts. Is your school on the list?

Click here to check your school. 83% of schools still lose out next year because of Government cuts Is your school on the list? I’ll get right to it: the school funding crisis is far from over. When the Prime Minister promised to ‘level up’ school funding, we knew from experience that the devil is…

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Education funding – ‘It’s not “a bit tight” — this is a funding crisis.

This morning, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson described school funding as being a “bit tight”. It’s not “a bit tight” — this is a funding crisis. We’ve lost teaching assistants. We’ve lost subjects on the curriculum. Teachers are paying from their own pocket for classroom supplies. Our school buildings are in disrepair. It’s not a bit…

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Gosport High Street Post Office moving

Gosport High Street Post Office moving from 51 High Street to 132 High Street. For further information and to let the Post Office have your views, please visit their Consultation Hub via the link below: Consultation Hub – Gosport PO12 1DF Customer information materials will also be available in branch.

Bus Battle: whose side are you on?

Thatcher deregulated and privatised your buses in the 1980’s. There are still a handful of publicly owned companies across the country, and in London, buses are regulated and controlled by Transport for London. Everywhere else, though, private bus companies have been taking passengers ‘for a ride’ for decades, cutting vital routes and making you pay more.  But…

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“Sticking up for Gosport” A Message from the Labour Group

Gosport Council Budget Week On Tuesday 5th February at the Economic and Development Board Labour’s Cllr. June Cully spoke in favour of the Council seeking accreditation as a disability considerate employer and the improvements to the toilet provision in the civic wing of the townhall, stating that this would not only benefit employees and members…

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Fight back for public ownership.

In 2013, public ownership of the railway seemed to some like a radical, wacky idea that could be ignored or laughed at.
Now, as outrageous fares rise yet again, the ideologues and the rail industry are definitely fighting us. They say shareholder profits are no big deal.
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Councils at Breaking Point!

The ‘Breaking Point’ campaign exposes the crisis in council finances after £16bn in cuts since 2010 – and warns more councils may follow Northamptonshire into bankruptcy. Gosport Labour group leader Councillor June Cully has joined with Labour councillors from across the UK to call for a real end to austerity for local councils. Conservative cuts…

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A dangerous game….

After eight years of austerity the consequences for Britain are piling up: our NHS has been pushed to the brink with waiting times soaring; our social care system is in crisis; teachers are reliant on parents to fund school supplies and crime is rising at a record rate. On  Monday Philip Hammond will present his…

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We strongly object to the proposed new development near Newgate Lane for 75 houses, likely to be the first of many. This development is the thin end of the wedge and must be stopped in its tracks. At a time when our public services are at breaking point because of Tory austerity, and the commute…

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