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Labour Party Conference report by Caroline Osborne

DAY 1 – Conference started on a lively footing with much debate (in the form of many points of order) calling for conference to reject the CAC report owing to the omission of open selection and the fact that many delegates with disabilities hadn’t received large print copies so couldn’t review the report, it went…

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Summer 2018 edition of our Gosport Link newsletter

The Summer 2018 edition of our Gosport Link newsletter is being delivered to homes across Gosport. Gosport Link keeps residents updated on local issues and campaigns, while giving them a chance to contact Gosport Labour Party. Please click this here to download your free PDF version of Gosport Link.

How much will it REALLY cost to take back our water?

The water industry is on the defensive. They know that the tide is turning toward public ownership, and they’re getting desperate. That’s why they’re claiming that bringing water into public ownership would cost billions of pounds in compensation for shareholders. The truth is that we don’t owe them a penny

Job fears as Japanese bid to build Royal Navy support ships

Union warns of setback for shipyard workers if contract goes abroad Fears are mounting that a billion-pound contract to build a new fleet of ships for the Royal Navy could go to a Japanese company. The move would trigger dismay in UK military circles and would be seen as a major setback for the country’s…

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SAVE NICHOLSON HALL – Let Gosport Council Know YOUR View!

Gosport Borough Council has launched a consultation on the future of the Bury Road Conservation Area, which includes the iconic Nicholson Hall. Nicholson Hall, long-time home to a number of important community groups, is under threat as the hall and the land around it are to be sold off by the owners. Currently, Nicholson Hall…

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Four years of fighting – the school cuts bite.

My son James is a bright and remarkable young man. He has ADHD and autism, and needs support to help him find his place in the world. It took us four years of fighting to get James a place in a specialist school and the support he needs. Will you share our story with others to make…

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MoD jobs row deepens as union says workers now face redundancy

Article by Tom Cottrill in Portsmouth News JOBS are in the firing line for civilian workers at a number of military hubs as a bitter employment row rubbles on. Unite, Britain’s biggest union, said at least six people working for contractor ESS, are to be made redundant. The workers provide a range of services at…

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