Together, anything is possible.

The Gosport Local Elections are your chance to change the way Gosport is run. Help us reverse the devastating cuts to local services, and build a brighter future for our town.


Local Government affects us all. Our council organises the services we need as community, manages the development of housing, and allocates budgets to upgrade our public spaces and much more. The local council is where local residents have their voices heard and can change the way Gosport is run.

This coming May we will all have a chance to vote in the local Gosport elections, and to put forward the councillors who will make Gosport a fairer, safer and richer place to live.


We listen to residents. We know the issues that face us all in Gosport, from problems with local rubbish collection to the massive development projects that will become a reality in the coming months. If these aren’t resolved and managed correctly by a responsible council, we will see whole areas being forgotten and underfunded. Local people will be priced out of new housing. Local services and community projects will suffer more cuts. Beloved public spaces will be left to rot. We cannot allow this to happen.

The poor management of budgets and lack of support has resulted in huge problems with homelessness, unemployment, drug related deaths and underage pregnancy. Funding for early years, young people and mental health support have also been viciously slashed leaving people of all ages and backgrounds worse off and vulnerable.

We cannot allow this continue in Gosport. It’s the Council’s job to solve all of these issues so that the whole town can grow – and thrive – together.

We have goals and projects in every ward that are specific to the residents we represent. But our whole campaign is built on these five principles:


1. Stopping and reversing ruthless cuts to every area of our local services including Social Care, Policing, Housing and Libraries.


2. Restoring democracy to Gosport Borough Council by reinstating our scrutiny committee and ensuring proper consultations with residents.


3. Rebuilding the community with projects and facilities for all ages and bringing back the dried-up support services for young people and growing families.


4. Solving the issues of Unemployment and Drug addiction to make our streets a safer place for all.


5. Working with Fareham, Portsmouth and Southampton councils to build better job opportunities for local residents.


These are the policies we truly believe in, and we know that every resident in Gosport supports these goals too. It’s time to act together.


The Gosport Council Elections will take place on Thursday the 3rd of May. Just like in the General Elections, all that you need to do is make sure you are registered to vote and then visit your local polling station on the day. From there you can select your ward’s Labour candidate and cast your ballot. The whole process just takes a couple of minutes. Polling stations are open from 7am to 10am.

It’s not always easy or convenient to visit your local polling station though. That’s why we think postal voting is the best option for most people. Simply fill out this form and send or drop it in to the Gosport Borough Council offices before Tuesday 17th April . You’ll be sent your ballot form in the post and can use the free return envelope to post it back next time you’re running an errand or on your way to work.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which of these methods you use, so long as you take a few minutes to cast your vote and help shape the future of Gosport. Local politics affects us all, and we need your support to help make the changes Gosport deserves.


New Voter ID Rules


This year Voter ID will be needed to cast your vote at the local polling station. Only certain forms of ID are acceptable.