Caroline Osborne for  Lee East

I live in Seymour Road, Lee. I work part time as a bookkeeper which enables me to spend time at home raising three wonderful daughters, my husband works in a local school. Before having children, I trained as a primary school teacher and worked in special needs education.

As a member of this community and as mother to three wonderful daughters, I feel I must do everything in my power to improve the chances for families and individuals to succeed in our town. I am tired of politicians not acting for the good of local people, and I have always fought tirelessly for what is right.

As an active member of the Labour party I have worked hard to improve our community, against the appalling backdrop of rising costs and harmful austerity that have hurt so many. I have helped look after our environment, keep our beaches clean and deal with the blight of dog fouling. I have campaigned passionately for children’s services, better education, decent healthcare, and a dignified life for disabled people and their carers.

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