Charis Noakes for Leesland

I worked at Haslar hospital for 13 years and for USDAW, the shopworkers’ trade union, for eight years. My interests include animal welfare and, as well as looking after some ex-battery hens, I enjoy spending time walking my two retired greyhounds.

The ever-increasing cuts to health, education and council budgets imposed by the Tory Government have had a big impact on local services. You just have to look around Gosport and talk to your friends and neighbours. The arrogant way in which the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has treated our NHS staff makes me especially angry.

I am dismayed by how few opportunities residents and even elected councillors get to discuss local priorities and spending. Council meetings are often cancelled or last for just 15 minutes. That’s not democracy.

A vote for me in the forthcoming council elections will give you a voice with the council officers and in meetings when the Tories organise them. Too many Tory councillors and meetings behind closed doors have led to a lack of vision, ideas and discussion. Nationally and locally I’m fed up with the way the Tories tell us they know best. As a Leesland councillor I would fight to change this.