Alan Durrant  for Bridgemary North

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My name is Alan Durrant. I am currently a semi-retired tutor, teaching industrial relations for three different colleges, but I have spent most of my working life with Portsmouth Water Ltd and trade unions.

I have lived in Gosport for 40 years. During this time, I have worked with a number of MPs and local government representatives on key strategic issues affecting the Southeast.

Labour is the only party offering local people a real alternative to the devastating cuts imposed by the Tory Government. I am proud to stand as a candidate for Bridgemary North this May!I wish to be elected so I can be given the opportunity to work for you to change things for the better in Bridgemary North.

This local election is to choose a councillor to represent you in Gosport Town Hall for the next four years. It is important that you get the right person for Bridgemary North and I believe I
am the right person for you.

I will always be available should you need to communicate with
me and I will show you how an active councillor can get things done for you.

Our Council is dominated by the Conservatives and it’s the Conservatives who have brought local government and public services to their knees
• Gosport’s senior Council officers are now all based in Portsmouth,
• our Scrutiny Committee has been scrapped so the Conservative so
can no longer be held to account.

Labour will signal a return for local government, a return to building
new council houses and proper funding for the NHS as well as
bringing the outsourced NHS services back into public control.

We need a fit for purpose NHS A&E Centre in Gosport Borough so that real emergencies can be dealt with much earlier than the existing QA Hospital gives to Gosport residents and improved ambulance response times.

Only Labour Councillors can challenge this effectively.

Please vote for an honest and accountable local

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