Hetty Ollivant for Grange


Hetty Ollivant has lived in Gosport for most of her life. She joined the Labour party because she believes that only Labour can make a difference in the town.

She is a self-employed child care professional and has two young children.

Hetty is secretary for a local primary school PTA. She is also treasurer for the Nicholson Hall pre-school, and part of its campaign to keep the 60 year-old pre-school running, as its premises are under threat, bringing the pre-school’s tenancy to an end.

Hetty is a keen fighter for local issues that affect the community. She is very concerned about the critical situation in the education sector and the NHS. The closure of Haslar Hospital and the huge pressure on our local GP surgeries have affected all of us. Schools are sacking staff and having to raise money because of the budget cuts imposed by the current Conservative Government.