James Fox for Bridgemary South

James Fox is a familiar face in Bridgemary. He attended Bridgemary primary and secondary schools and later worked for local firms, Haslar hospital and the MoD as a storeman, invoice clerk and driver. Now retired, James can devote more time to the work that he values the most – listening to his neighbours, regardless of their political views, and working with the rest of the Bridgemary Labour team to come up with solutions.
He has been part of the Bridgemary Labour team for over 20 years, liaising closely with local councillors Shaun Cully, Dennis and Jill Wright. During that time, James has fought for many improvements in our area, spoken up on behalf of residents who have had concerns and used his links with our councillors to get things fixed.

Last the summer, like many of his neighbours, he was aware of an increase in anti-social behaviour – the noise of scooters late at night, drug-dealing and evidence of use of legal highs, and serious concern about the grooming of vulnerable young girls. He visited some of those residents affected and then reported the issues involved to the police and Gosport council, resulting in extra PCSO visits and a reduction in incidents.

As a long-time resident of Prideaux-Brune Avenue, James knows the kind of problems our area faces and will always put the needs of Bridgemary people first. Voters rightly demand representatives who are active and available all the year round, not just putting in appearances when an election is round the corner.

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