Jonathan Eaton for Alverstoke

I have lived in Alverstoke all my life, attending local schools and college, and got involved with Young Labour a few years ago. I joined because I was fed up with what the Conservatives are doing to the country in general and Gosport in particular. They just don’t seem interested in the concerns of young people and the needs of young families. I’ve stood as a candidate in Alverstoke before in 2016.

Transport is one of our main problems. I believe Labour’s proposal for widening parts of the A32 to enable two lanes of traffic out in the morning, two lanes in for the evening, would improve traffic flow and reduce air pollution.

But we could do a lot more to persuade people to choose other forms of transport such as better connected bus routes, more cycleways, and better links to the rail network. My daily commute as a university student made me very aware of just how much Gosport suffers because of poor, limited transport links which often isolates large areas of the town. This is holding Gosport back. More cycle racks in the area around the ferry would be a start.

Gosport town centre looks tired and uninviting. Proposals for more tall blocks of flats, reduced parking and housing infill concern many of us. The town actually needs more free short-term parking to encourage people to shop down the High Street. The Conservatives have watched the market disappear and have run out of ideas to encourage local businesses.

I am proud that locally the Labour Party has led the campaign to preserve public access around the iconic Fort Gilkicker. We have a wonderful coastline and it should be enjoyed by all of us since it is part of our heritage.

Finally, it’s not only the town centre that looks tired, the council looks tired too. It’s time for a change, time to bring fresh faces and different perspectives into our local politics.