Martyn Davis  for Peel Common

I have been a member of the Labour Party for over thirty years and held the posts of both Secretary and Chair in Gosport Labour Party. I was also the parliamentary candidate for Horsham in 2015.

I was formerly councillor for Bridgemary North, when Labour ran the council, during which time I was the Chair of the Regulatory Board. I believe that the Gosport Borough requires a strong alternative to the Conservative Party. There are many issues that need to be addressed, including:

  • Opposing the planning at Carisbrooke Shopping area
  • The lack of councillor representation on the Residents’ Association on Peel Common
  • Ensuring the bus services work for the residents and not just for the bus companies. It is ridiculous that bus services cease at 7pm, or earlier. These “services” do not assist businesses to function, or people who work evenings outside of Gosport. Without a good bus services Gosport will always be on the back foot
  • The lack of bus services in Bridgemary means that, if you are without a car, Bridgemary is effectively cut off, unless you can afford a taxi
  • The new Town Plan is a dream plan; not costed, not market researched, not reasoned. There is no explanation regarding why people would use the Gosport Waterfront as opposed to Gunwharf; why would people travel from Portsmouth to Gosport?
  • Improvement of the housing stock and the number of affordable homes within the borough
  • The “look” of Gosport. The town looks increasing uncared for: pathways untidy, roundabouts uncared for, rubbish not cleared, pathways not swept. If you walk through Peel Common Estate it is clear when you leave the estate and are back on to council land.
  • The cuts in local services, the takeover of our council by Portsmouth Conservatives and its officers, the lack of accountability and scrutiny on the Gosport Council
  • The lack of incentive for business in the High Street and the declining Gosport market

We need councillors who will tackle the issues of the ward and fight for the residents. We need councillors who have Gosport’s prospects and future at heart, not the self-interest of the current Conservative administration.

I believe there are also new solutions provided by technology to increase the Labour Party’s ability to campaign in the local area, and also to increase democracy as a whole. Being relatively young and a long-time resident of Gosport, I am aware of growing opportunities for local government to engage and communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds across the town. Labour itself is increasingly known for its investment in social media, technology and communication channels and it would be of great benefit to put similar, sustainable, democratic resources in place for the local area.