Education & Teaching

More Funding For Schools.

All parents want their children to go to a good local school. Conservative cuts to school budgets have made this increasingly difficult, and every school in Gosport is affected. Reduced school maintenance, larger classes and far fewer learning support assistants providing one-to-one help are just a few signs of the impact. More and more schools appeal to cash-strapped parents for money to help balance their budgets.

We believe that education is a public service and a national priority, and Labour will always work towards providing the funding needed to achieve positive outcomes for future generations. We also recognise that successful schools require a level of autonomy and freedom to provide the best learning experience for their pupils.

Gosport Labour Party will campaign to support school staff and ensure that no child is taught in a class of more than 30 pupils.

It is clear that the Conservatives don’t trust teachers to get on with the job. Education Secretary (and ex-fireplace salesman) Gavin Williamson oversaw the disastrous exams fiasco on 2020, with last minute decisions and changes affecting the life chances of young people leaving school, college and university.

Safety First!

A Labour Council in Gosport will also work to preserve school crossing patrols at risk due to Tory cuts, and lobby the Treasury to fund the removal of asbestos from our local schools.

We believe that all children should have opportunity to learn to swim at school. This means protecting and expanding the existing school swimming facilities, and organising subsidies to use other pools where necessary.  This small step will help protect children while offering a valuable lifelong skill.