Housing & Homelessness

A Roof Over Every Head

Everyone should have a secure home. Rents are getting higher for many people in Gosport. Wages stagnate, while the cost of living keeps increasing. Many properties rented out by private landlords are not suitable for decent family life. Social Housing is in short supply making it harder than ever for those in desperate need to get support. For most young people in Gosport today, home ownership is an unaffordable dream.

Housing Provision In Gosport

We support Labour’s national policy for a dramatic increase in council housing. However, we realise that Gosport is different to many towns. Roads, schools, shops, medical services and parking are already under the pressure of growing development.

Gosport Labour Party will devise a forward-thinking plan that prioritises new, social and affordable housing while ensuring parking, traffic and amenities get full consideration.

We will also make sure that all social housing stock – both council and housing association owned – is fully maintained with safety and fire precautions regularly reviewed and updated.

Gosport’s Conservative Council’s housing development policy seems to be ‘Build Now, Ask Questions Later’.

With Labour running the council, residents will finally be listened to – and taken seriously.

An End to Homelessness and Insecure Housing

Frequent visitors to Gosport High Street will have noticed a worrying increase in the number of people sleeping rough in the town. We accept that there are some valid concerns over public safety. Following incidents of public drug use and other anti-social behaviour our councillors have already taken action to help protect people in town. Yet we know that most homeless people are in desperate need of support.

This heart-breaking situation cannot go on.

While other parties just want to sweep the streets clean, we are fully committed to working with social services, charities, police and other organisations to help the victims and fight the causes of poverty in our town.

What we see is only the tip of the iceberg. With ruthless cuts to support and benefits, many people and families across Gosport live from sofa to sofa or in temporary, unsafe homes.

Your Labour Party will always work towards securing a safe, permanent home for everyone.