Protecting Our Environment

Our Shared Environment

Maintaining the local environment is one of our highest priorities as it has a hugely positive impact on all local inhabitants – people and wildlife. We take this so seriously that the issue is woven through every policy decision, from development to education, transport to job creation. We are clear that a responsive, joined-up and innovative long term strategy is essential.

Promoting local environmental awareness is crucial, especially among the younger generation. We want to see our children and young people more engaged in their local natural spaces. It is our job to teach them to appreciate nature and care for it.

Recycling and Waste Services

Like many residents, we were deeply opposed to the introduction of paid-for “brown bins” for garden waste. This scheme is designed only to tax people for maintaining their gardens. We believed that the system of offering biodegradable garden waste sacks should have remained.

The Household Waste Recycling Centre in Grange Road is an invaluable resource for the whole town. The Tory county council continues to enforce new charges for its use, despite the obvious rise in fly-tipping incidents this causes. The current need to book a slot at the HWRC and to register vehicle details have also led to increased fly-tipping.

In council we will work to remove these charges for the benefit of all residents.

Supporting Our Volunteers

Gosport has many exemplary volunteer groups caring for the parks, nature reserves and coastal areas of this town and our members have always been involved in keeping Gosport’s family-friendly spaces clean with regular litter picks. We will put these groups at the very heart of our environmental strategies.

A Labour Council in Gosport will connect with volunteer groups, taking forward their ideas on local environmental issues.

By using their expert knowledge we can better plan the maintenance of our parks and protection of our natural habitats.  Further, we would support the needs of these groups through helping with funding applications, promoting events, sourcing tools and equipment, and making sure council maintenance work is coordinated effectively.

Green Spaces for All to Enjoy

We will promote and protect our fantastic green and wild spaces – parks, nature reserves and coastal areas – and will make sure that our wild habitats are sustained. We will strive to protect our shrubs and flower beds, and to encourage more new planting through community gardening groups. We will review the planning process, and fight to protect the important habitats and wildlife in Gosport.