Retirement & Later Years

Connecting older people with their community

The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness is an initiative that Gosport Labour Party fully supports.

In Britain there are around one million people who speak to no-one else five days out of seven – many are older citizens. Some of our members belong to the Older Persons Forum and to Gosport Voluntary Action’s Befriending team. Our Labour councillors have always maintained close links with older voters, including those in residential care.

As more Labour Councillors are elected into office, we will build stronger networks with older residents and provide support to these organisations.

Proper Consideration for Bus Travellers

We recognise that bus services also play a big role in keeping families and the older generation connected. Our Conservative council argues that more needs to be done to reduce traffic while cutting valuable public transport services at the same time.

Too often we have spoken to people who can no longer make the trip to weekly social events or friends’ houses due to poor transport provision in their area. We will continue to fight for bus services and the free bus pass for all retired people.

Finally, Gosport Labour will make sure that older residents who rely on their local bus services are the first to be consulted on proposed changes to routes or new local developments that may affect their travel.