Town Development

Building a Sustainable Future for Gosport.

In recent years there has been a huge push for new development across the area.

It is our mission to develop Gosport for people and for business. We will help to provide jobs and grow the local economy in a sustainable way, while making sure Gosport’s unique heritage and environment are preserved, protected and improved.

There are projects underway at Haslar and Priddys Hard, with others under discussion for the Town Waterfront and the site of the old Police Station. However, we are disappointed by the undemocratic consultations that took place ahead of these plans, and know that many of these new developments will lead to traffic congestion, pollution and a lower quality of life for existing residents.

Gosport Labour Party believes in working hand in hand with the community to create new, exciting spaces for innovation that benefit everyone, and consult residents properly before selling off public land to developers. We will also guide existing projects forward in a way that puts local people first. We are totally opposed to the Conservative government’s proposals for ‘Permitted Development’ which would over-ride our Local Plan.

Creating Valuable Business Alliances

Unlike other parties in the area, we will not tolerate or support businesses that undervalue our residents.  Every person is entitled to a real living wage and job security.

We will also consult on schemes to bring shoppers, tourists and other visitors back into our town. The Covid crisis has seen many closures of both national chains and small businesses. The town faces a huge challenge in re-imagining its High Street and Stoke Road area. The development at Brockhurst Gate has drawn even more people away from the town centre.

Finally, we will work honestly and openly with existing local businesses to make sure they can make the most of the opportunities available across Gosport.

Preserving Natural Spaces

Gosport Labour Party is committed to keeping our unique coastline and green spaces open for the public to enjoy. We started a campaign to secure public rights of way around Fort Gilkicker. The resulting public pressure secured a victory for all residents. However, we will take nothing for granted and will continue to be vigilant in protecting public access for the community.

The Labour Party recognises the need to protect Gosport’s wonderful wild and green spaces.

These areas are vital for wildlife and for people alike, and add incalculable value to all our lives. The Council’s Countryside Section volunteer groups carry out brilliant work and we will ensure that their efforts are supported.

We will protect our important wildlife and make sure that bat roosts, badger setts and all our unique and important habitats are given proper consideration. When dealing with planning applications we will consult with local experts and set up proper local environmental and wildlife protection plans.