Traffic & Transport

Improving the Daily Commute

Gosport Labour recognises that for the majority living in Gosport, the A32 is a notorious problem. For those unable to find an alternative route in the morning, it is a frustrating and time consuming road. It has also been highlighted as a major source of air pollution.

Congestion charges have been suggested by other parties. However, this would penalise daily commuters with no other method of getting to work.

As a more thoughtful solution, Gosport Labour will investigate the effects of converting the A32 into a dynamic dual carriageway to ease congestion during the rush hour.

Increasing outbound lanes from one to two in the morning, and the same for inbound traffic in the evening would allow more vehicles to pass through this bottleneck.

Tackling The Parking Shortage

We know that one great annoyance for thousands of Gosport residents is the difficulty of finding a parking space.

As the population of the town grows, so do the number of two-car and three-car families. With bus services being cut and little in the way of local employment it is no wonder that households may need more than one vehicle to get to work.

We will focus on improving transport links and local employment opportunities to alleviate the need for many multi-car households, rather than rushing to introduce costly parking permit schemes.

Accessible Bus Routes for Residents

Cycle paths, better lighting for pedestrians and car-sharing schemes all help relieve congestion on the roads, but so do bus routes. Whilst the Eclipse Bus provides the most direct route between Gosport and Fareham, the 9 & 11 services offer better access for much of Alverstoke, Holbrook, Elson, Rowner & Bridgemary.

However, these services are at risk of being lost in the next round of county council cuts. Scrapping these services will have a dramatic effect on residents who rely on local bus services for transport.

We will fight to preserve remaining routes and commission plans to properly assess where public transport is needed most in Gosport.

Stronger Connections by Rail

Developing quicker, frequent and more affordable links with Portsmouth and Fareham means residents would have easier access to the rail networks there. This isn’t where Gosport Labour’s commitment ends though. The privatised rail networks have seen increased fares (the UK’s fares are some of the highest in Europe), poor service and unreliable travel, all in the name of profit.

We believe that people should come before profit and will support Labour nationally in campaigning to renationalise the railways.

The freedom offered through affordable, reliable and quality rail travel gives people the opportunity to enjoy more control in their social, work and educational life.