Work & Employment

Fighting Against Job Insecurity

Employment rights and protections have always been at the heart of Labour’s campaigns. Creating employment opportunities for people and ensuring their welfare are absolutely central to Gosport Labour’s values.

Locally and nationally, working people face the same issues: pay inequality, the insecurity of zero-hour contracts, inadequate minimum wage or the effect of public sector pay caps. Underpaid, undervalued care staff are just one example of the many employment hardships that Labour wants to confront.

In 2019 we worked successfully with the union Unite to protect the pay and conditions of residents working in HMS Collingwood and Fort Blockhouse who had their working hours unfairly slashed.

This was another example of large government contractors punishing their employees in the name of higher profits. We will continue to stand with local people against organisations that treat Gosport’s workforce unjustly. The ‘Fire and Re-Hire’ approach of British Gas is another attack on the livelihoods of ordinary working people.

Rewarding Careers, Closer to Home

Gosport Labour will champion the creation of quality jobs, providing long-term growth and stability by ensuring businesses play by the rules. We will achieve this by working with local businesses, employment services and unions to give residents the chance to work closer to home.

Promoting New Technologies

Gosport is rich in locations which could be used for co-working spaces. These are a valuable resource for dynamic small businesses to grow and develop without having to invest in permanent office space. Cost-effective desk sharing also encourages creative environments, innovative thought and co-operation.

As Artificial Intelligence takes the world into the 4th industrial revolution, we will lobby to partner with neighbouring universities and promote the foundation of a technology & science park.

Your Gosport Labour Party will help realise the town’s future potential at the forefront of an exciting, digital age through new investment and skills training.