Young People & Families

A Safe Place to Call home

Every child deserves the best possible start to life, and this begins with a safe and secure family home.

Gosport Labour Party is fully committed to secure housing for all families, where children can learn and develop.

Your local Labour team also believes that support is needed for families suffering marital, financial or mental health problems, as help is often necessary to get them back on track. Alcoholism, substance abuse and gambling are common issues that can break up a family unit. Local help should be available for individual family members anonymously and at home. We will fight to bring these missing services back to our town.

Libraries and Community Services

Labour supports the development of a new cultural hub as part of efforts to regenerate Gosport High Street.  We want to see libraries preserved, and were strongly opposed to Conservative plans to close the libraries in Elson and Lee.

The Gosport Discovery Centre is a perfect example of the value that libraries provide. It offers a central location for many family activities, parent & child groups, talks and hobby evenings, as well as supplying Gosport with a comprehensive library of books and research materials. Instead of stripping away the services it provides, Gosport Labour Party will work towards creating more community classes and groups in this space. These projects help bring the community together and provide pastimes for people of all ages.

The Gosport Labour Party also has a vision for more outdoor gyms, play facilities for children and youth projects. We will campaign to protect established youth groups, such as the scouts, especially those in danger of losing their meeting places.

Art and Cultural Projects

In a previous manifesto, Labour announced its intention to provide a £1bn Culture Capital Fund as part of its “Culture for All” campaign. Art, music and theatre should be community led, for the inclusion and experience of everyone. They should also have a secure place in the schools’ curriculum. The experience, discussion and involvement in the arts play a big part in a community’s identity.

Through these cultural services, we want to inspire our young people and enable them to develop the creativity, self-confidence and co-operative skills which they will need to be successful in the future.