Local Members

We love hearing why our local members decided to Join the Labour Party, and are always striving to make membership an active and inclusive experience for everyone. We are also happy to promote the work our members do in other parts of the community, media and the political arena.

To share your reason for joining and story so far, email it to us along with your name and a photo we can use. You can also contact us directly through our Facebook page.



I have always been a Labour supporter, returning as a full member last year when I saw some hope for the fight against austerity. I have been a Socialist all my life and I am not ashamed to use that word. Yet, I never expected to find myself as vice chair and membership secretary of the local Party as I have done. I now run the Gosport & Fareham Momentum page and am working to bring more people together in support of Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the Leadership Election.

It is possible that my political roots were formed in South Wales where my grandfather and five uncles worked as colliers. I joined the RAF when I was seventeen as an Air Traffic Controller, but I married when I was twenty. Seven years later I found myself in Gosport with two children, a broken marriage, no home and no money. It was a very difficult situation, but I was given a council house and was able to work part-time to support myself and family. Having been in that situation, I know how important council housing really is. My daughters did very well at school despite the challenges we faced together at a younger age.

I am now remarried, have a third daughter and have been retired for seven years – and I love every minute of it! Plus, it gives me time to raise awareness of the Labour Party and our aims to improve welfare and services for people in need.

Frankie Patterson

I joined Gosport Labour Party following the EU Referendum. I believe that there are big social divisions across this country, and that these can only be fixed by taking action locally.

I have been amazed at how friendly and supportive the Labour team have been, and am now helping out on the Campaigns Committee.

Tim Ryan

I grew up in a coal mining area of South Yorkshire where I saw first hand some of the worst effects of the decisions taken by the then Conservative Thatcher government. I see too now that history seems to be repeating, and that the decisions of the current Conservative government are going to have such massive long term consequences for all of us, especially to the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society.

I’ve always been interested in politics, but never felt compelled to join a political party until recent years. I signed up as a Labour Party member in part due to the so called “Corbyn effect” but more importantly because I have young children and want their future to be much better than I think it would be on the current trajectory.

I thought being a member would be enough, but am now more involved with the local party than I ever thought I would be, sitting as a member of our EC and campaign group as well as taking part in local activism. I’ve come to realise that complaining and shaking my fist in the air at the daily headlines really does nothing to change anything and that a combined effort through cooperation with like minded people within the Labour Party is a much more positive and likely way to improve the outlook for all of our futures.